The Eagle's Flight

"Away he rode with all his men, and never to return again, his eyes are closed, his body cold, the Dragonheart, who was of old."

- a bard's song


"War is like a river. We may suppress its flow, but eventually it will break through and do so with greater force."

- Adalbrand of House Arnling


"There are many who would say it is not for a woman to rule."               

- Theodora, queen of Hæthiod


"I gave him direct orders! I will have his spurs for this and then his head!"

- Reynold, lord marshal of the Order of Adal


"Politics is about being pragmatic, not about being right."

- Irene, dowager queen of Hæthiod


"Men may ride, but the raven will fly."

- proverb


"My sword fears not death. My shield defends the weak. My armour protects the realm. This is my oath. I am a Knight of Adal."

- From the Knight's Codex


"I spit on your honour, Isarn."

- Theobald, captain of the Citadel

"Rats will reign when eagles sleep."

- Proverb

"When night falls, my vigil begins. When dawn rises, so do I."

- The Squire's Pledge

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