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The Chronicler

The chronicler of the Annals of Adal

The Chronicler is a moniker given to distinguish one particular scribe out of the long line of scribes that served as the King’s Quill. Upon assuming that title, his personal identity was lost, yet he is known to us for having authored the Chronicles of Adalmearc. While all of the King’s Quills were required to keep the Annals of Adal up to date, the Chronicler was furthermore tasked with writing all details regarding the events occurring around the end of the 11th century; what the common people simply called the Great War while scholars called it the Second Great War, quite naturally to distinguish it from the first.


The Chronicler thus wrote all the Chronicles concerning these years, but he was a most prolific writer beyond that. All the texts at this site as well as the Chronicles themselves are presumed to be from his hand, varying greatly in length and range. Although some must be speculation on his part or hearsay and rumour, others have been confirmed by other sources to possess veracity. A description of a dragon, for instance, coincides greatly with the few fragments detailing these great beasts, although they were said to have been extinct a thousand years before the Chronicler’s birth. Of course, some presume this simply means the Chronicler had access to these fragments, given that it is seemingly impossible he ever examined a dragon in person.


Regardless, a little can be glimpsed about the Chronicler. He must have assumed the position as King's Quill quite early, given how much time he had to write so many volumes about so many topics. Certain tomes identified as his early work also speaks of slightly uncertain calligraphy as to be expected from someone still inexperienced. His writing concerning the Great War points to him being an eyewitness, meaning he would have most likely been born in the last decades of the 11th century and survived into old age. It is believed that he died before the end of Sigvard the Second’s reign, though unfortunately that tells us little considering that was a king of exceptional longevity.


Apart from that, the Chronicler was most likely well travelled, or at the very least spoke extensively with people who had. His writings are not only focused on the Seven Realms of Adalmearc but also of the world beyond, such as he was able to know of it. He writes about what lies beyond the Langstan, about the South Cities and much more. This site represents a comprehensive attempt of translating the Chronicler’s work and making it publicly available.

The Chronicler helps you send the message straight to the Hall on the Marsh with a bird. He also suggests you seek the Healers in the New Forest to help you find the right herbs to cure the villager. It’s a long way to the New Forest and you worry about taking such a journey, but when you give her back her clasp, the Queen is so pleased with you she not only sets your friend’s brother free, but also gives you a horse and a letter asking her Healer friend in the New Forest to help you.

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