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The Known World

The vast majority of the Chronicler’s work is quite understandably centred around the Seven Realms of Saelnar, as they were called once. The origin and meaning of this name for this has fallen into obscurity and only occurs in very old texts; presumably it is a name that predates the original alliance of Men and was thus subsequently replaced by Adalmearc. The annals as well as the Chronicler use only this ancient name when concerning about a period before Arn of Old. Otherwise, the common term of the Seven Realms of Adalmearc is always used.


The Seven Realms were, in order of population: Adalrik, Ealond, Thusund, Vidrevi, Korndale, Heohlond, and Hæthiod. Historically, Adalrik, Thusund, Vidrevi, and Heohlond were termed the northern realms while Ealond, Korndale, and Hæthiod were named as the southern realms. This was based on culture rather than geography, however, considering that Thusund lay to the west more than anything, and that as the centre realm, equal parts of Adalrik lay to the south as the north. The term arose from the Weolcan Mountains, the great chain that divided Adalmearc and separated not only the countries but their cultures. The complete image was more complicated, however. Apart from the realms, the Chronicler also wrote about the known world beyond Adalmearc, most notably the South Cities, including Alcázar. So far, nothing has been found concerning the Reach except what might be directly mentioned in the Chronicles.

For those with the interest, the map can be downloaded for closer scrutiny: The Realms of Adalmearc and The Realms of Adalmearc (high resolution)

Map of the Seven Realms of Adalmearc
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