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"I spit on your honour, Isarn."

- Theobald, captain of the Citadel

"Rats will reign when eagles sleep."

- Proverb

"When night falls, my vigil begins. When dawn rises, so do I."

- The Squire's Pledge

The Eagle's Flight


"Away he rode with all his men, and never to return again, his eyes are closed, his body cold, the Dragonheart, who was of old."

- a bard's song


"War is like a river. We may suppress its flow, but eventually it will break through and do so with greater force."

- Adalbrand of House Arnling


"There are many who would say it is not for a woman to rule."               

- Theodora, queen of Hæthiod


"I gave him direct orders! I will have his spurs for this and then his head!"

- Reynold, lord marshal of the Order of Adal


"Politics is about being pragmatic, not about being right."

- Irene, dowager queen of Hæthiod


"Men may ride, but the raven will fly."

- proverb


"My sword fears not death. My shield defends the weak. My armour protects the realm. This is my oath. I am a Knight of Adal."

- From the Knight's Codex

The best fantasy book ever written.

The author




Quote? I haven't even read your book.

The author's former friend

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