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Sixth status report

Almost across the finishing line. There are two possible versions of the cover, so a test copy of each has been ordered from the printer. The first has arrived, waiting for the second. Once a decision has been made on which cover to use, the final version can be ordered, including e-book formats. At this point, that is the only thing remaining. This site has been completed. We are thus aiming for release in May, 2016.

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Cover of The Eagle's Flight

Current rating: 4.31

Review samples:

"The character development is really strong, in particular the psychological one is abundant and detailed. This really helps create an intimacy and connection with the reader and hence with the story. "

"I have thoroughly enjoyed reading The Eagle’s Flight as it is a great story told in a beautiful way."

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"Amidst all of this, there are some likeable characters to root for when they are faced with difficult situations, which often left me anxiously turning the pages."

"I really enjoyed this book, which I felt was very well written with an engrossing story."

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