The Raven's Cry: Status Update

A brief intermission from the typical blog content to have the news stored in a more permanent location than my FB page - the first draft of my sequel, The Raven's Cry, is complete. A lengthy editing process lies ahead - last time, I spent about a year and a half on this, and it could easily take as long this time around. Besides that, there is also formatting/layout and book cover to worry about.

If you want regular updates on how The Raven's Cry is progressing, you can join my patreon. The subscription is per book release, so you won't pay anything until TRC is published (and you can of course cancel anytime before that). I also post other pieces of writing there either as sneak peeks or as exclusives to show my gratitude for people supporting me.

Until I can publish the sequel, enjoy this photo of a screaming raven.

By Toby Hudson - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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